A road trip, only the beginning of my real journey…

My daughter and her fiance needed someone to accompany them on a road trip to Seymour, Tennessee, always one of my favorite destinations and I would use any excuse to take a road trip there. They needed to do pre-marriage counseling with my cousin who is officiating their wedding in a couple of months and we would take the weekend to visit with beloved family and friends there, as well.  Friday, February 17th rolled around, the day of the big trip… why was I dreading this?  I love traveling, driving, singing all the way to our destination and especially while traveling with my kids. Why did I want to postpone the trip or not go at all?  Now looking back I realize it was because I just did not feel well.  I had been troubled with strange digestive issues for quite sometime and now I had an extremely bloated stomach to go along with the other issues. My stomach was so distended that even getting out of bed in the morning became a chore from the pain and pressure.  Still, I had promised the kids and the show must go on!  

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We headed out after work that day, so we knew the eight hour trip was going to seem very long. We stopped in Grove City to meet up with some good friends while we grabbed some dinner, everyone ate except me, I was afraid of upsetting my stomach. We enjoyed the time with our friends and then hit the road once again. As we drove I entertained the idea of stopping at my brother’s home in Kentucky, it would be a great break from the car as well as a good time to visit with he, my sister in law and nephew. We did indeed stop there and had a wonderful time and I was thrilled that I was able to rest well before finishing the last leg of the trip on Saturday morning.  We headed out the next morning bright and early and I was thinking and praying in my mind that this trip was just what I needed and that I would feel better after the weekend away.

While we were in Tennessee, the typical visits took place, what a refreshing time with family and friends. We even had the delight of meeting our newest cousin born just a couple of months previously, how exciting! Yet, I was still very sick. I spent a great deal of that Saturday in the bathroom and I still did not feel well Sunday morning so I slept in and did not attend church with the rest of my family which is completely not like me. We stayed until Monday morning and then had to head back to Ohio…. little did I know that the eight hour journey of driving ahead of me that day was only the beginning of a much longer journey than I could have ever imagined or dreamed.

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