When the Little Things Become BIG!


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I hope that you all are having a terrific week!  My big news for the past couple of weeks is that I am BACK TO WORK!  I just finished up my #imback tour to visit our groups and fill them in on the past 8 months and let them know that I am back in my office and ready to assist them in any way possible!  It has been a humbling and rewarding experience to visit with these folks that I typically only see and talk to on a professional level, taking off “the mask” and being transparent and seeing their sincere concern for me, #blessed.

The other evening when I got home from work I took a brief walk, I cannot walk very far or fast yet, but I am walking AFTER working all day!  As I was walking I noticed something I have not been able to feel in a LONG time… I could feel the southwest wind blowing my hair!  I was so excited and it meant so much to me and it reminded me how so many “little” and unnoticed things are NOT little nor do they go unnoticed anymore!  Something as simple as feeling my hair blow, granted, it is not much hair YET, but it will be and the little bit that is there was blowing in the breeze! 

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The above event started a list in my mind of the little things that are no longer little to me… I just thought I would share some of those with you! ( a friend gently reminded me a couple days ago that I need to write about these things!)  A gentle breeze blowing through my hair on my face; the northwest Ohio fall sky; leaves turning and falling in the yard; the ability to go to work and make a difference; hearing the laughter and voices of people I love; starting to make plans for the holidays; receiving and sending texts to friends and family just to say “thinking of you”; eating supper outside in the evening and not looking at my phone so that I can soak up the sun and sky while listening to the birds and cicadas talking to each other; packing a lunch for work knowing that I can eat it all and appreciating the nourishment it will bring to my body; the smell of a freshly cut lawn or leaves burning; the crisp and cool  fall air in the morning; the majestic brilliance of the blue sky on my drive in to work; understanding that all of these things are ways that I see God in my daily life; hearing and saying I love you and truly meaning it and obviously the list could go on and on…. These little things are NOT so little, in fact, they are HUGE to me every moment of every day!  These are just a few of my new favorite things in this HD life I have been granted!

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I am forever grateful to be able to behold and take in these wonderful little things that can be easily taken for granted.  Each morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is whisper a prayer to my Heavenly Father and tell Him how grateful I am to wake up and be a part of this amazing world He has created for us all to enjoy and appreciate every minute of every day!  When the little things become big things to appreciate, cherish and enjoy, then each minute of every day truly is a blessing!

Image result for images of appreciating the little things

Image result for images of appreciating the little things


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