Forever Grateful

August 31st, 2017, it has been over six months since this whole journey began, on one hand, that does NOT seem possible… on the other, it seems like a life time ago!  

I can still remember that cold day on March 1st,  when my sister and I walked out of my family doctor’s office with the knowledge that I had suspected bilateral ovarian cancer that had spread. WOW, what a game changer to say the least, life changing moment!  I still have not been able to listen to Tim McGraw’s, Live Like You Were Dying without thinking of that day!  My sister and I heard it on the way home and I was singing it very loud, almost silly, she kept reassuring me that I was NOT going to to ride on a bull named Fumanchu! 

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Since that day, I have not looked at life the same, not one tiny bit!  The sky seems a bit more blue, the birds seem to have a merrier tune, the grass has never appeared to be more green than this summer, and now that fall is just around the corner, I cannot wait to see the northwest Ohio Autumn colors in full bloom!  I am definitely seeing life through my “new” High Definition vision and I hope that never goes away!  

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Tuesday was my last chemo treatment, leaving the Cancer Center that day seemed a bit bitter sweet. We were THRILLED to know we will not be going back next week for another drip, we will not have to be concerned about my veins holding out for one more IV, yet, it is a chapter that is closing. A chapter that included new characters in our lives, like Lynn Rohrer, she was my nurse on the very first treatment. We were blessed enough to click from that first day on, she has attended my daughter’s wedding, participate in my 50th birthday lunch and we are even going to get baptized together in a couple weeks!  She has definitely been a silver lining amidst all of this trauma and turmoil. Then there is Felicia, another favorite nurse who has become a true friend as well!  We will miss seeing them each week, yet, I know we will be friends,  for always. 

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I cannot begin to list the friends and family who have made a huge difference since the beginning of this journey, you all know who you are and hopefully you understand how grateful I am, forever grateful, from my heart! 

My immediate family has been amazing, more than amazing, actually!  Living with my parents has made such an immense difference in my recovery, my Mom there to cook anything and everything I want at the moment. (sometimes, it changes moment by moment!)  I can thank her for my weight gain from 95 lbs to 110 lbs!  My Pops being willing to run to KFC for cole slaw, or to Grund to check on donations, or even to Bob Evans because I was craving chopped steak, I appreciate all of that so much.  My daughter, Leisha was such a life line, every day, in every way! Tim was always there with a fist bump and big hug when I needed it most.  Again, I am forever grateful! My son and daughter-in-law were such wonderful encouragements on every level!  My sister doing chicken nugget runs for me ; my brother in law hauling me back and forth to Cleveland whenever I needed him to; my little brother being my rock as always and sending me the most appropriate emojis on a weekly basis and he and his family taking a whole week to come during the biggest surgery of my life; my nephew Colton deciding my theme verse for me and praying without ceasing for his Aunt Lynnie; Crystal, Roles, Bro and Indy Boy, Clay, Dre, and Nate, always knowing how to be encouraging when needed most.  There are just too many people and things to mention, but please know, I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!

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Today, as I sit in “my” recliner, actually my Pop’s chair that he so willingly gave up for the past six months!  I am listening to my Pandora Christmas station as I write this, those of you who know me are NOT surprised, it will always be my “happy place”.  The Ohio State Buckeyes play their first game of the season tonight and I am so excited, again, if you know me, you are not surprised!  I will get up this afternoon and make my game day salami roll ups and cheer on my favorite team and for a moment I will forget about the past six months and hopefully I will not even think about the big CT Scan I have tomorrow morning… for a moment, things will go back to normal.  What is normal?  I am not quite sure I will ever really know “normal” again and that’s okay, maybe my new norm is a part of what I needed to learn throughout this journey!  

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I can say with 100% accuracy that a big part of my new normal will be the fact that I am forever grateful, I am blessed and I will enjoy each second of my new High Definition view!  #Godsstillnotsurprised  #inittowinit #casestrong #thankyouforcomingalong

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