There Is No Testimony without the Test!

I do not care for tests, I was so insecure about tests in Middle and High School and I certainly have not been excited to take tests in insurance either!  It is funny that I chose a career that includes 24 hours of continuing education and some of those classes include tests. I have to say, I have improved exponentially on my test taking skills as an adult as opposed to when I was a kid. Perhaps my improvements are parallel to my drive and commitment to actually studying for said tests!  

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Today as I was reviewing my timeline on Facebook, one of my good friends, Sherry, had shared a Toby Mac post that said “There is no testimony without the test!”  Whoa, this really caught my attention and made me re-think so many things.  For instance, we had such a good report yesterday from Dr. Mahdi, yet, I found myself feeling a bit down because I had hoped that my chemo might be reduced or shortened… not going to happen. I suppose I was hoping to get to the end of this test and see my grade card more quickly than is the plan for me.  I need to be a patient patient and a committed test taker, sometimes that is easier to write about than to execute in day to day life.

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I have seen through this current test of mine that focusing on my blessings is a great distraction from the often discouraging and defeating details of the day, especially my Thursdays. For instance, today’s blessings list could look something like this: 1. Thankful for true and inspiring friendships. 2. Thankful for the blessing of a beautiful and peaceful home environment to endure chemo through and in. 3. Thankful for my family and friends who continuously care and confirm their love for me on a daily basis. 4. Thankful for a God who protects, provides and sustains me even when my faith waivers. 5. Thankful for the beautiful sunshine and warm weather. 6. Thankful for a Dr. and chemo staff who have become like family to me. 7. Thankful for the ability to eat well and gain weight. 8. Thankful for music and it’s healing and comforting powers that I feel when I listen to it. 9. Thankful for birds that sing, bunnies that hop through the yard and our fat squirrels who consistently entertain me. 10. Thankful for the opportunity to write my blog and share it and that others care enough to read it and come on this journey with me.

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I desire to have a wonderful testimony and I was reminded again that it cannot happen without a test.  Some tests are more difficult than others, some are more tedious, time consuming and tiring than others as well. Reflecting on this today I realized something, the greater the testimony = the more daunting test!  So, to my list of blessings and thanks today, I need to add, THANKFUL FOR THIS TEST!  I hope that all of us can look at the tests that come are way as just another way to add to the resume of our consistently growing TESTIMONIES.  

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