I can remember one night trying to get from our cousin’s wedding near Cincinnati back to my brother’s home in Kentucky. We were in my Pop’s SUV and he was driving,  suddenly we started seeing cars backed up on the interstate, never a good sign. Leisha quickly looked up the situation on Google and she found the very serious accident ahead… she put our destination in and we exited at the first available off ramp. Immediately after we were able to get off of the interstate we heard the GPS voice say, “Recalculating” because this off ramp could not get us where we needed to go. We continued to get back on and off the interstate and each time we would hear, “Recalculating”.  It is never reassuring or convenient to hear that our current route is being recalculated because we may not know the road ahead very well, we may not like the views or enjoy the drive as much, etc… All we can do is trust in the voice that is saying “Recalculating” and realize that that voice only wants us to get to our destination safely.  

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From March 1st, 2017 until now I have heard that all familiar voice in my head and heart saying “Recalculating”, at first it was very frightening and is sometimes very frustrating, but I am learning more and more daily to TRUST in that voice and know that He only wants me to get to my destination safely.  I am so thankful that God is in charge of this recalculation, not me, He is the voice and guidance that will direct me each step of each day and I could not be more grateful!

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This week as Leisha and Tim’s wedding approaches, I am thankful to be here to see my daughter marry her best friend. I am so grateful for our dearest family and friends who will be here to celebrate with us. I am so thankful for a pause from chemo so that I can enjoy each moment of this week to the fullest and that is what I am trying to do!  

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As each of us go through this week and whatever it brings, let us embrace the voice in our lives that says, “Recalculating”, may we learn to trust that it will guide us safely to our destination and that even through these unplanned and recalculated times, we can celebrate each moment along the way… like being here and enjoying the biggest day in my daughter’s life.

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