Say What You Want To Say… TODAY!

Last night I was cruising through Facebook Statuses until one in particular caught my eye. Hailey, the daughter of one of my dear friends from Dublin, Allison King, stated that her family had lost their best friend, Mom and wife the night before. I read it two or three times before it started sinking in…. she is referencing Allison!  What??? No!!!! Allison was one of the most full of life, adventurous, cheerful, and wonderful friends I had ever met. She was so good to me when we worked at Dublin Schools together, always kept in touch, even after her husband’s job took her to Mexico, we still communicated on a regular basis. We both loved the Buckeyes and our children with all our hearts and during our Dublin days, every month  we got together  to “do dinner”, we would talk for hours! Irregardless, she is gone. I still have not heard what happened, she was only 55 years old, a picture of health, beautiful inside and out, yet, she is gone.  I had thought about her last week as she commented on something on my Facebook and I almost messaged her to tell her how much I miss her, but I did not… I was busy, in a hurry, distracted, I thought I would do it “later”.  

Once again, the lesson has hit me straight in the heart and the face, SAY WHAT I WANT TO SAY TODAY, NOW, there may not be a later!  So, I wanted to start today’s blog by saying how much I appreciate you all, each one of you!  If you are reading this blog, you mean so much to my heart and life, your support, love, care and prayers are helping me through day to day!  Thank you for being a part of my “team” and for making each day a blessing and for helping give me strength no matter what each day brings!!  I love you all dearly and appreciate you more than I could ever express and I wanted to say that to you TODAY, hopefully, every day!

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Yesterday was our “Shave it off Sunday!”  Luke volunteered to have Leisha shave his head because she was doing mine.  My hair loss had become a mess, to put it bluntly, hair was EVERYWHERE!  So…. Leisha took care of the issues and did an amazing job!  Luke looks so handsome with his new hair cut, what amazing kids I have!  Yesterday was just another step in the process and another day closer to getting through all of this!  Again, thank you for the overwhelming responses to our pictures on Facebook, your support is absolutely inspirational!

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What is your plan for today?  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is a brand new day to do what you want and need to do joyfully, to say what you need to say effectively and to enjoy each moment of the gift that today is!  Remember, EVERY day is a blessing!  

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6 thoughts on “Say What You Want To Say… TODAY!

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey – mine has started too and surgery is happening this coming Monday. I am worried and scared about what is ahead, but reading your positive blog helps a lot!


  2. Wishing only the best as you travel on your journey. We never know what the plan is, we can only ask his help and accept his answers. I am asking that he give you positive results as you go along. I feel there are better days ahead for you. God Bless You and your family.


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