From Incision to Scar

One day last week Mom and I were doing my shower routine, which thank goodness has become less and less involved and more like normal, I looked at my stomach and mentioned how good my incision looked. After I said that to Mom, I stopped myself and said, well, I guess I need to change my verbiage when discussing this, it is no longer an incision, it is now my SCAR!  This is just another example of going through the worst of the storm and then being able to look back and realize that the sore, unhealed incision has become the completely healed scar.  

We are finished with one series of chemotherapy, each series is equal to three weeks.  We have five more series to go, fifteen weeks, I agree with Dr. Mahdi, five series to go sounds much better, so let’s go with that! 🙂  Chemo has become a little bit less frightening each week, although, I do not know if I will ever be totally calm when I walk through the doors to the chemo treatment center.

  Image result for images of sandusky cancer center in sandusky ohio

In between chemo treatments I have some good days, the day of chemo, the day after and then Saturday through the next treatment are all pretty good. I have learned to get as much done as I possibly can on the good days!  

I have to admit, I am pretty excited about the next stage of my blog… we will finally go into other areas and conversations!  Look how far we have come, together, that is the key!  Without all of you reading, my blog would only be helping me! Writing has always been so therapeutic to me, not ever as much as it currently is though.  Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me and caring enough to read my entries, it means so much more to me than you could ever realize!

So, to close today’s entry, let me just say, I am so excited about the first incision that has become a scar and I look forward to looking back at all of this and only seeing the beautiful scars that remain!

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2 thoughts on “From Incision to Scar

  1. I’m so proud of you, your an amazing lady.. Your love & trust in God is a true testament to the great person that you are & continue to grow into on a daily basis.. Love you so much & I enjoy trading your blogs..


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