Surprises and Storms

My daily schedule for recovery pretty much included the following: 

Wake up, do devotions, eat breakfast, take a shower and get ready, rest a bit, eat lunch, walk, drink Boost, rest a bit, eat supper, walk, eat a snack, walk, eat another snack, rest until bed.  I know, more excitement than one can handle, right?? Yet, this system worked pretty well for us.  All the while my Mom is still always ready at my beckon call to cook any thing that sounds good to me at any given time and trust me, that changes more often than not. 

Amidst the healing process I have been so thankful for the cards, visits, care packages, calls, texts and messages I have received!  I have been so blessed with amazing people in my life both family and friends alike! I mention this here because all of this has played a roll in my recovery and will continue to.  I have heard from people that I had not heard from in years… the reunions have been very sweet.  Friends and family have worked with Mom and Leisha in surprising me as well, I have had many surprise visits… Uncle Bob came all the way from Tennessee to surprise me and he was successful, I could not believe when he walked into our kitchen!  My friend Mary Moore, from Zanesville has surprised me, not once, but TWICE in a few weeks!  My friend from Tennessee, Danielle, came up for the weekend, such a long drive for such a short visit, but so very appreciated. I cannot begin to list all of the visitors because I will miss someone, but please know how much each and every person means to me!  

It has been so great that in the middle of chaos I have a little normalcy, my friend Chris comes to have lunch with us a couple times a week and that just makes everything seem “normal” for an hour out of the day because that is what we always did together!  Thank you Chris for being you!

Image result for images of special friends

It seems as though we have had more thunderstorms than usual for early spring, but I have enjoyed each and every one, very calming to me right now.  As each storm comes and goes it reminds me of a life long lesson that I learned at a very young age from my Uncle Hershel.  I was at his house as often as possible while I was growing up, Paula and I schemed and plotted to find ways for me to have to stay the night with each and every visit.  This particular weekend I was there we had horrific thunderstorms, they had a basement, so we would have a big party down there until the storm passed. On this Saturday that I am referring to though, we had the loudest storm I had ever heard as a five year old. I was so afraid of the extremely loud thunder and was standing in the corner of the basement crying. Uncle Hershel came over and scooped me up and took me outside in the middle of their back yard. I did not go outside without a fight, I was so afraid of this storm!  He took a tissue out of his pocket and wiped my tears and then told me to look up at the clouds, as I recall, the clouds were the darkest I had ever seen and swirling over our heads. He explained to me in the calmest of voices that the storm has to be this loud before it gets better, he told me that right then the storm was all we could see and hear right over us, we were right in the middle of it, but then he reminded me to wait and listen. Soon, the clouds had moved to the right of us and the thunder was not as loud, the rain lessened in intensity and the lighting moved away from us as well. We were standing in the middle of the yard enjoying the beautiful lightning display from a distance now, the wind had calmed to a gentle breeze and the thunder had become almost a calming sound in the distance. He smiled at me and said, ” See, the worst of the storm had to happen before it could pass! ”  I have NEVER forgotten that lesson. 

Image result for images of thunderstorms in the country

In the midst of this storm, I have to remember that it has to be this loud and scary before it  can pass… how amazing it will be to look back on this storm once it has passed and we are able to enjoy the blessings it has brought!  Thank you to all of you who are going through this journey with me, you will never know what it means to know that God is with me and that He has surrounded with me all the love and support I could ever ask for. I am not alone and this too, will pass. 

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