The Details And A Bird Feeder

It is amazing what a couple days at home can do for the soul!  I saw more improvements in two days here than in 7 in the hospital!  Nothing like Mom’s cooking to cure about anything though, right?  So, just so you all understand what I was truly recouping from… the extensive surgery I had involved so much, I will give you the brief run down now. Dr. Mahdi did a full hysterectomy because there was a tumor in both ovaries, then he removed my spleen and appendix because of cancer in both, he had to remove a tumor from my lower bowel and the put the bowel back together, there was cancer ON, not IN, my pelvis wall, diaphragm, lining of my abdomen (that was the largest one, 10 cm), pancreas, wall of my bladder and right kidney. Due to all of this activity, I had 34 staples as I have mentioned previously, one large incision to heal from. In addition, my insides were pretty sore from the invasive removals all over the place. My recovery also included a Lovenox shot to be administered daily for 21 days, this was to keep blood clots away.  The other big issue in recovery is my diet, the main priority was to accommodate my bowel as it healed so I was on a strict soft GI diet which basically meant anything NOT healthy so that it was easier to process.  

My shots were tricky because I have very little fatty tissue available to put the shots in, I was very leery of giving them to myself or having my family do it. So…. my life long friend Sara Michael volunteered to come EVERY day for 21 days and give me the shots. Sara and I played basketball together in high school, okay, actually Sara and I DOMINATED in basketball! We were best friends/sisters on and off the court and it was demonstrated each time she knew right where I was on the court without looking, we amazed teams on a daily basis the way we found each other wherever we were, it was SO much fun and still one of my most fond memories!  Sara coming each afternoon was just such a welcome sight for me, we have had such an amazing reunion and we will always have our bonds of basketball, laughing and now her being my nurse when I needed one most!  (The only 2 times Sara could not come my dear friend, Annie Shelley came and gave them to me, she is another wonderful friend/family member that I appreciate so much! )

Image result for images of lifelong friends

How does the bird feeder come in?  Well, Mark brought a bird feeder over as a gift a few days ago and we have enjoyed so much watching our male and female cardinals and finches gathering around it several times a day!  As I have been watching the birds a lesson has come to my mind and heart.  God provides for the birds daily, He makes sure they have the food that they need, they just have to go find it!  What is the point of the bird feeder then?  God can use us to help feed these beautiful little creatures, He does not NEED us, but I believe He enjoys us assisting where we can. Just like the fact that God’s got me in the palm of His hand throughout my cancer journey and He can handle it all on His own, He does not need us in any way, yet…. He enjoys seeing people reach out and assist in any way to make days brighter and loads lighter.  Thank you to all of you who have visited, sent cards, bought bracelets, donated, sent delightful care packages, and mostly prayed.  Just like the bird feeder, God is using you to help me in ways that you will never understand or realize. Sincere appreciation is truly from my heart!

Image result for images of cardinal bird feeder


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