CT + Pre-Op = Another Cleveland Road Trip!

The next Friday came around more quickly than I could have imagined… another Cleveland road trip with my trusty driver, David and my daughter, Leisha. We had to be there very early for the CT scan of my lungs, so we left SUPER early.  We had a good ride there, good conversation, some singing, the typical activities for us and arrived early for my CT appointment.  We had to go to a different section of the hospital than we had been to previously, we had to walk through a long sky way that resembled the hustle and bustle of an airport!  We went to the basement of this specific building and went to the waiting room for the CT scans.  They finally came and took me from David and Leisha into to this large, tall, sterile looking waiting room, the room was closed off with frosted glass sliding doors.  Once I got into the room I realized that all six of us in the waiting room were cancer patients. I can remember Shane sitting beside me, he looked to be maybe thirty years old, his hair was almost gone from chemotherapy, 3 people down from me was Richard, he looked similar only he was older, he had some type of cancer in his abdomen. As I sat there, I had my first true “Ah-ha moment”.  I was feeling so sorry for the people in the waiting room and I was trying to remember their names so that I could pray for them, ” these people are so sick “, I remember thinking. Then I stopped and thought to myself, wait, I am one of these people with cancer!  I wanted to get up and run out of the room and cry for the rest of the day, but I stopped myself and remembered that I was there for a very important scan of my lungs, I had to take a deep breath and continue on with the process.

The scan took only a few minutes and then we were able to progress with the next 4 stations for pre-op exams and blood work. Everything went smoothly the rest of the morning and we even had an unexpected visit from my cousin Jayne, it was so nice to see her again, always so reassuring.  David and Leisha kept themselves entertained by taking some hilarious “selfies”, through it all, we had a great morning!  We had not been told yet about my scan results, so that was still hovering over our heads as we waited to hear if I was able to have surgery on March 14th or start with chemo!  That evening as Leisha and I were having a little “chill out” time at my parent’s, my cell phone rang, I could not get to it in time and it had been THE CALL from the Clinic!  The nurse had left a voicemail, so I turned it on speaker and waited to hear our fate!  Sure enough, Jennifer had great news, the scan results were good and we could go through with the surgery on March 14th!! We all breathed a huge sigh of relief, then realized that the next week and a half had to be spent on eating, walking, getting stronger and getting prepared for the biggest surgery of my life thus far!  

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My mom had become the best short order cook around, she could whip up mashed potatoes or home made mac and cheese more quickly than anyone I had ever seen!  We really took advantage of the minutes, hours and days that we had to just prepare for surgery.  The visits, gifts, thoughts  and prayers we received during these ten days were priceless and I was completely overwhelmed at the kindness, generosity and care family and friends shared on a daily basis.  Then finally the day came… Monday, March 13th, the day before the surgery!  

My nephew Colton, asked Eric and Mer for up-dates on his Aunt Lynnie every day and one particular day he walked in and asked my brother how I was and then he said the sweetest thing. Colton said, ” Dad, I have thought of the best Bible verse for Aunt Lynn, it is Philippians 4:13, I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me. ”  Eric called and told me about it and I cried happy tears knowing that Colton had given that much thought to my well being. That has become my verse, when I feel like events are too overwhelming for me to take, I start quoting that verse out loud over and over again…. truly out of the mouth and heart of an 8 year old boy came the verse that will continue getting me through each minute, hour, day and even the extra invasive surgery that was quickly approaching!

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